ABB Group to Produce More Service Robots for China’s Industrial Sector

ABB Group to Produce More Service Robots for China's Industrial SectorSwiss power and automation company ABB Group has promised to produce more service robots in China in efforts to keep up with the growing demand. Chief executive officer Ulrich Spieshofer, said this type of products are being used effectively across a large range of services, from cleaning, assembling and operations within chemical and automotive sectors wherein working at a eight or depth is hazardous to human workers due to safety risks.

Not only the company will focus in industrial robot research and development in China by will deploy more resources that will develop several different types of robots. As the Chinese population is growing wealthier and more are living in the city, service and labor intensive industries began to struggle in looking for enough number of workers and is already seeing a high rate of employee turnover. China’s automotive, communication, chemical and consumer electronics product manufacturing sectors are the ones being hit the hardest, placing pressure on companies to increase their investment to make their factories fully automated. Latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics has shown the value added of the service sector in China has expanded to 7.6 percent for the first quarter of this year, 1.8 percentage pints quicker than the manufacturing sector which accounts for 56 percent of the gross domestic product or 19.4 percentage points higher for the secondary sector. As of now the service sector contribute around 63 percent of the national economic growth or 29.3 percentage points higher than the manufacturing sector.

ABB is planning to expand their advanced robotic technology capability into the service industry, which is in line with the government flagship of Made in China 2025 strategy that is aimed in upgrading the economic structure of the country. ABB claims that 80 percent of their robot models and 90 percent of their robots are sold in China and locally produced and they are the only company that localize its robotic value chain which includes research and development, sales, engineering, production and services. The company is operating 40 local firms across a sales and service network in 147 cities and employs 18,000 workers in China. ABB is also into plans of establishing a robotics application center in Wuhan’s industrial hub.

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