Government to Boost Tourism to Help People Out of Poverty in the Next Five Years

Government to Boost Tourism to Help People Out of Poverty in the Next Five YearsThe Chinese government is planning to help 12 million people out of poverty by boosting local tourism in the next five years. Premier Li Keqiang announced the plans during the opening ceremony during the first World Conference on Tourism for Development. The conference, which was proposed by the Chinese government and is hosted together with the United Nations World Tourism Organization, attracted 600 representatives from 107 countries.

Most of the poverty-stricken regions in China are found in the remote and mountainous areas and these areas have natural advantages fro developing the tourism industry, which is important in reducing poverty. Tourism plays an important role in the supply side economic reform and the upgrading of the country’s industrial structure and the government is keen on developing tourism while protecting the environment at the same time. Premier Keqiang is calling all countries in easing visa policies, protect traveler’s interests and simplify entry procedures in boosting tourism worldwide. China will also be carrying out 50 tourism projects that have international cooperation in the next five years to help the recovery of the global economy.

China has the largest source of tourism in the market with around 120 million Chinese traveling overseas last year spending a total of 684 billion yuan. Taleb Rifai, the UNWTO Secretary General said that China is a leader in tourism and knows how exactly tourism can do for its economic and social development. In 2011, the Chinese government assigned May 19 as the National Tourism Day in China in honor of Xu Xiake a famous geographer and traveler during the Ming Dynasty who authored several travel books.

The China National tourism Administration said that the government is planning to improve infrastructures from roads, urban construction and waterways to help boost tourism especially in the poverty stricken regions. Job opportunities created by tourism accounts for 10.2 percent of the total employment in the country.

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