China Plans for a Green Evolution as Efforts are Made to Reduce Transport Emissions

China Plans for a Green Evolution as Efforts are Made to Reduce Transport EmissionsThe green evolution will be continuing in china as efforts to reduce transport related emissions, use of electric vehicles and promote excavation technology. These remarks was made by the vice minister of transport Dai Dongchang during the annual ministerial summit that was held in Leipzig Germany, where Dai promise that china rolls out stronger policies and to manage the peak of its carbon emission as soon as possible.

As the second largest economy in the world, China promised a deadline in 2030 and sign in the Paris Agreement last April that will give them a stronger push in efforts against global warming. To fulfill this commitment, China will have to increase its non fossil fuel sources in its primary energy consumption to 20 percent and reduce its carbon emission per unit of its Gross Domestic Product by 65 percent compared to the 2005 levels, China will be pursuing a green, circular and low carbon growth, adding decades of fast growing industrialization, urbanization and mobility have already taken a toll in the environment. Market mechanism measures such as carbon exchange and using a commissioned third party operation in the transport sector will be explored and upgrade in the emission standards will be dealt with as well. China’s central government spent 3.25 billion yuan in reducing transport emission in the past five years, as 26 cities were transformed in pilot zones in developing a green transportation system.

The effort in climate change came as the Paris Agreement opened a new era of initiatives in securing a low carbon transport. In Germany, the government offers electric car buyers 4,00 euros as part of a subsidy plan that will bring in 300,000 to 500,000 new purchases of electric vehicles. Norway which has the fourth biggest number of electric cars, will launch a series of favorable policies ranging from free parking, free toll and permit to use bus lanes and a sales tax exemption in hopes to encourage more e-vehicle purchases.

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