China to Construct Largest Underground Water Recycling Plant in Beijing

China to Construct Largest Underground Water Recycling Plant in BeijingThe largest underground water recycling plant in Asia will be completed by the end of June. The plant located in Beijing will be operated by Beijing Drainage Group, one of the largest public service enterprises. The Huaifang Water Recycling Plant is capable of recycling 200 million cubic meters of sewage a year and can treat most of the wastewater coming from the western urban area of Beijing and will be contributing greatly to the environmental protection.

Located in the southwest area of Beijing, the treatment facility is built underground to save valuable land as it occupies more than 16 hectares of area and is equipped with cutting edge technology. The plant can treat both household and industrial wastewater and transform it into water that is within environmental protection standards. The recycled water is used for industrial and commercial purposes in nearby areas and to replenish nearby waterways. Furthermore a wetland park of the same size as the underground treatment plant will be constructed on the surface and will be fed recycled water from the plant.

Wastewater flowing into the plant is treated in different ways, ranging from filtration, biological degradation of chemicals, then sterilization using ultraviolet rays. These developments will be the largest water treatment project among several projects that are listed in the three year plan that is released by the Beijing municipal government in 2013. Since the capital is short of water, with the per capita resources standing to 150 cubic meters, which is far less that the national average. Last year alone an additional 1 billion cubic of fresh water was supplied to Beijing using the south-north water diversion project, a program that was created to divert water from the Yangtze River to North China.

The plan for wastewater treatment and reuse facilities is released by the city in January, and Beijing plans to construct 27 new water recycling plants and to install and upgrade more than 1.081 kilometers of sewage pipelines in the next three years.

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