China Sees Improvement based on a Bulletin on National Environmental Quality

China Sees Improvement based on a Bulletin on National Environmental QualityLast year china has seen environmental improvements that have large reductions in many airborne pollutants and severely polluted surface water. The improvements were based on a annual bulletin of the national environment quality, although the report stated that 265 of the 338 cities surveyed have failed to reach national air quality standards and needs more to protect underground aquifers.

The report was released by the Environmental Protection Ministry that examined every aspects in the nation’s environment from the air and water quality to farmland and forest coverage and the levels of background radiation. The report showed a general improvement in air quality last year having 74 major cities monitored exhibiting 14.1 percent year on year decrease in the levels of PM2.5. among the 338 monitored cities, 21.4 percent have reached the national air quality standard last year and in 2014 161 cities that are regularly conducted with air quality monitoring and 9.9 percent of them reached the national standard.

The director of the Policy Research Center for Environment and Economy at the Ministry of Environmental Protection said that the current action plan in fighting air pollution is working, but needs more effort  in helping the majority of the cities in reaching the national standards. To control air pollution further , the central government allocated more funds or 10.7 billion yuan in 2015 to help fuel local governments efforts in reducing emissions of pollutants by shutting down heavy polluting companies.

Water pollution is a different issue as there are 972 surface water monitoring stations in China in 423 waterways covering 10 of the major river basins in the country which includes the Yellow and Yangtze rivers. These stations with 8.8 percent have reported water quality of standard so poor last year that the water could not be used for any purpose. this pushed the country to expand the number of monitoring stations to 2.767 by the end of 13th Five Year Plan period (2106-2020) and further reduce pollution and facilitate efforts in improving water quality.

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