President Xi Jinping Asks U.S. to Further Enhance Mutual Trust in Managing both Countries Differences

President Xi Jinping Urges Asks U.S. to Further Enhance Mutual Trust in Managing both Countries DifferencesPresident Xi Jinping is urging China and the U.S. to further enhance the mutual trust and efforts in managing differences and handle sensitive issues between the two countries. Xi gave the remarks during the key annual Sino-US dialogue set in Beijing. the remarks referred to a series of disputes between the two top economies, stating that it was inevitable that the two countries will have disagreements.

XI said although there are disputes, it is important not to use these as an excuse for a confrontation. Xi also spoke during the opening ceremony of the eight round of the China-US Strategic and Economic Dialogue at the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse which was attended by 400 US delegates and has become one of the important communication platform between the two countries. The president called for the two nations and intensify the efforts in managing conflict and avoid strategic misjudgement. It is important that both counties stick to their principles of no conflict, no confrontation,cooperation for a win-win result and mutual respect.

The director of the John L. Thornton China center at the Brookings Institution Cheng Li Stated, that the problem for China and US is not the ideology or interests but a possible miscalculation. People in both countries must not misinterpret the words of military officers or interest groups at views of the nation top leaders. Li believes that the two top leaders and the majority don’t want to place themselves in a large scale war due to a few stumbling blocks in the bilateral relations or some complicated historical issues.

State Councilor Yang Jiechi who co chaired the strategic discussions with US secretary of the State John Kerry, while Vice –premier Wang Yang and US Treasury Secretary Jacob Lew led economic talks. Yang called for both countries to respect the core interests of both countries and their important concerns on key issues including the conflict in the South China Sea.

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