China to Create Equal, Fair and Transparent Market for its Foreign Investors

China to Create Equal, Fair and Transparent Market for its Foreign InvestorsPremier Li Keqiang has promised to create and equal, fair and transparent market environment for the country’s foreign investors. Premier Li made the remark during the meeting with the fifteen presidents and CEOs of multinational corporations that were present during the Fourth Global CEO Council Round Table Summit that was hosted by the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries.

During this time the Chinese government will be taking more measures in attracting foreign investors by cultivating a market that will be equal, fair and transparent. China is also undergoing restructuring and upgrading their economic sector wherein the consumption is contributing more than half of the economic growth. Li said an enormous market potential is existing in sectors from telecommunications, sports and healthcare that are providing new opportunities for multinational corporations. Being a large developing country, China undergoes industrialization and urbanization and a great potential is seen to be one of the most attractive destinations for foreign investors.

Fifteen business leaders are the heads of the Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Nokia and Daimler AG. And this year’s theme for the summit was opportunities and challenges for multinationals corporations at the China 13th Five Year Plan 2016-2020. Consensus of business leaders say that they ae facing more opportunities that challenges in China that Is still very appealing to foreign investment. These business leaders say multinational corporations are actively participating in business startups, green economy, innovation and are also working with their Chinese counterparts in raising the level of industrial cooperation to achieve mutual development.

The consensus of the business leaders was they are facing more opportunities than challenges in China, which is still very appealing to foreign investment. They said, multinational corporations will actively participate in business startups, innovation and the green economy, and work with their Chinese counterparts to raise the level of industrial cooperation and achieve mutual development.  By having a fair and transparent market in China will boost foreign investment and push domestic companies in raising their competitiveness in the global market.

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