President Xi Jinping to Visit Three Countries to Sign Cooperation Deals for Production Capacity Projects

President Xi Jinping to Visit Three Countries to Sign Cooperation Deals for Production Capacity ProjectsPresident Xi Jinping is set visit to Poland, Uzbekistan and Serbia will lead to more projects that will involve production capacity cooperation. During the eight day trip starting this Friday, wherein Xi will attending signing ceremonies for cooperation documents in the three countries. These three countries which are also found along the route of the Belt and Road Initiative. During a news briefing, Lui Haixing and Li Huilai are Xi’s assistant foreign ministers stated that Xi will be visiting Serbia’s steel mill that was acquired by Hesteel Group, one of China’s largest iron and steel business group.

Several construction of Serbian power station and highways are handled by Chinese companies such as the Zumun-Borca Bridge which is renamed Pupin Bridge and opened in 2014. The bridge which is built over the Danube River will be the first bridge to be built by a Chinese company in Europe. Furthermore the Chinese government is encouraging domestic companies in investing in Poland’s nuclear power industry. Poland is China’s ;largest trade partner company in Central and Eastern Europe for 11 years and counting, it is also the only CEE country that joined the China proposed Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank.

An expert at the Institute of European Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences said that by promoting bilateral cooperation with Poland and Serbia, it will play a positive role when propelling the China-CEE relations. To support the China Uzbekistan cooperation in the Belt and Road Initiative, Xi will also attend the ceremony of the completion the tunnel that was made in China. Also in attending the meeting of the Council of Heads of State of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, Xi will discuss the applications by India and Pakistan in joining the SCO as member with other leaders.

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