Two Chinese Tech Companies Belongs to the Top 50 World’s Smartest Companies

Two Chinese Tech Companies Belongs to the Top 50 World's Smartest CompaniesA US tech magazine was listed two Chinese technology companies namely Huawei Technologies Co. and Baidu Inc. as two of the world’s 50 smartest companies. MIT Technology Review announced during its annual ranking of the 50 Smartest Companies for 2016 that identified 50 enterprises which they believe to the new outlet editors to be smart companies in  a way that best combine innovative technology with effective business models in creating new opportunities.

Aside from Baidu and Huawei, other tech giants such as Tencent Holdings and Alibaba Group Holdings are on the list. The four year old ride hailing app Didi Chuxing is beating Uber in the domestic market also joined the group among other world technology behemoths and ambitious startups. A one of the major internet search engines in China, Baidu are now in the phase of developing autonomous cars, which his backed by a research and engineering team in Silicon Valley, plus the company is planning to employ 100 autonomous car researchers and engineers in California before the year ends. Telecommunications giant Huawei is the third largest smartphone vendor due to strong sales in the premium and entry level devices. According to a market researcher, the number of smartphones that Huawei shipped during the first quarter of 206 have already reached 27 million units.

Last year three Chinese companies, Alibaba Group Holdings, Tencent Holdings and Xiaomi Corp. are nominated on the list with the smartphone manufacturer taking second place. Based on the magazine website, some of this year’s stars are big companies such as Amazon and Alphabet which are using digital technologies in redefining industries. Meanwhile other companies are wrestling with technological changes such as Microsoft, Toyota, Bosch and Intel.

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