China Largest Investment Group to Invest in General Aviation Sector

China Largest Investment Group to Invest in General Aviation SectorChina Minsheng Investment Group, one of the country’s largest private investment group has invested aggressively in China’s emerging general aviation sector. According to Wang Rong the president of CM international Financial Leasing Co Ltd., China Minsheng financing leasing arm that the general aviation is a sector in China that is not totally open, but has a one trillion yuan market value. And general aviation is one of the company’s four key business sections and the helicopter market is of of their highlights.

Last June, CMIFL got its first helicopter from the agreement to purchase 100 helicopters signed last yar with Airbus Helicopters. The agreement was to buy 100 Ecurecuil-series helicopters in the span of five years and provides a framework for CMIFL to be the first and biggest helicopter leasing company in China. Dong Wenbiao the chairman of the board for China Minsheng stated during the delivery ceremony at the Airbus Helicopters in France that a five year plan was made to target China’s emergency medical rescue aviation market. Plans to purchase 100 helicopters and invest in 100 general aviation airports and to rebuild 100 hospitals that meet the standards of the growing emergency medical rescue market.

Although the goal is ambitious, China Minsheng can achieve it as there is demand in the market, and currently China has 200 airports for civil use. The five year schedule is short, due to difficulties in constructing ground support facilities and pilot shortage. While the opening up of low altitude airspace is slow, looking for qualified industry talent and building infrastructure are several of the problems that the general aviation industry is facing.

Created in 2014, China Minsheng is an international private investment group that have 50 billion yuan in registered capital. Started by a All China Federation of Industry and Commerce, launched by 60 prestigious private companies.

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