China to Promote the Use of Clean Coal to Further Curb Air Pollution

China to Promote the Use of Clean Coal to Further Curb Air PollutionThe country’s environmental protection minister Chen Jining stated that China is now promoting the clean use of coal to efforts to further curb air pollution. The air quality in China is mainly caused by the energy structure, especially coal consumption and China is placing real importance in the adjustment of the energy structure and included it as one of the task in the draft for the 13th Five Year Plan (2016-2020).

As china promotes the use of clean coal, an boosts low emission facilities for coal powered plants that rival gas powered plants, the said impact will be a revolutionary effort that overturns the conventional wisdom of coal not being clean and will positively impact efforts in curbing smog. Furthermore China is cutting down on emission fron household bulk coal, as emission from a one ton bulk coal is equivalent to around five to ten tons of coal that is being burned in power plants and as the living standard rises, so does the consumption in bulk coal.

The emissions from bulk coal contributed to the heavy smog last winter, and further effort in curbing it will be made. Chen also said that they will be experiencing a longer period of adjustment of the energy consumption structure wherein the country promotes clean energy, promote the use of clean coal, and strengthen the adjustment to the energy consumption.

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