China to Create a Fair and Transparent Market Environment to Attract more European Investors

China to Create a Fair and Transparent Market Environment to Attract more European InvestorsPremier Li Keqiang promises to cultivate a fair, transparent and predictable market environment that will attract European investors, in the high end manufacturing, infrastructure and modern services in China. China will also look into expanding a two way investment where European countries are welcome to invest in China and Chinese companies are also willing to invest in Europe and hoping that the EU facilitates the working visa process.

During the annual 11th EU-China Business Summit that was held in Beijing with European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker that also brought together 600 people coming from 450 companies that China has already achieved a 6.7 GDP growth year on year for the first quarter and the second quarter growth is just as stable. As urbanization increases, China is showing great potential in the demand for things such as iron and steel products thus providing room for European investments. Li stated that the European Union’s investment into China accounts for just 2 percent of the overall outbound investment as Chinese investment to EU countries is around 1 percent of the inbound investment last year.

Just last year a 7 percent year on year increase in EU companies have invested in China and the increase surged to 22 percent for the first five months of this year. this indicates that the European companies are optimistic on the economic prospects of China and the improved market. Chinese enterprises are investing in all EU member state to create 70,000 additional jobs and China is willing to initiate feasibility in research on a free trade zone with EU and the two sides must cultivate an environment that will facilitate a boost in trade while considering the two economies are complementary. Both sides are working hard on planning and investment agreement and already reached a consensus on the contents of the agreements.

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