Alibaba to Open Up Information Security Technology to other E-commerce Platforms

Alibaba to Open Up Information Security Technology to other E-commerce PlatformsInternet giant Alibaba Group Holdings is gearing up and is planning to open its information security technologies to other e-commerce players, as the online shopping giant sees the industry wide data security market as the cornerstone in reaching their goals of selling 6 trillion yuan worth of products and goods in all of their platforms.

The New York listed Alibaba announced that the setup of the e-commerce eco system security alliance , a group who dedicated themselves in improving the information security power of participants in the e-commerce industry. Chief executive officer of Alibaba, Zhang Yong stated that the group accumulated rich experience and technologies in security in the past seventeen years. but according to Zhang the information security issue in the internet age will not be solved by just a single player alone.

Security challenges is faced by one company will become a threat to all, Alibaba is working hard to empower more partners with their security control technologies and making a contribution in safeguarding the entire ecosystem. The chief risk officer for Alibaba, Liu Zhenfei said that web security as no boundaries due to hundreds of millions of netizens that are using internet products and services when and wherever they want to. When one platform leaks information, it will damage the security of the other platforms due to hackers that will try and use the leaked data in figuring out passwords and login names to other accounts.

By providing information security products and standards to other partners in the alliance, Alibaba can leverage the cutting edge detective model in examining and identifying certain risks even without investing a big amount of money to develop it themselves. A report from China Internet Network Information Center said that around 700 million netizens in China on average spends 3.7 hours on the internet, and the report also showed that internet connected devices is keeping a huge amount of information ranging from bank accounts to personal data.

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