Live Internet Stream Helps Promote E-commerce Industry to Customers and Investors

Live Internet Stream Helps Promote E-commerce Industry to Customers and InvestorsInternet celebrities in China are using live streaming in promoting and advertising are said to create a market that is valued at 58 billion yuan for this year, based on a report of a media backed financial statistic center. The reports compiled by CBNData that vine like short videos or live streaming programs that are embedded in online shopping sites are hosted by internet celebrities attracted the attention from customers and investors.

This year’s market potential even surpassed the booming box office sales that are generated last year, comparing itself to the self employed content creators that made profits from online advertisements and e-commerce is a major platform for further commercial development of the internet celebrities. Other social media platforms such as Sina Weibo and Youku Tudou collaborated with e-commerce platforms such as Taobao.com and established a complete commercial closed loop. Female apparel is one example of a business ecosystem of online sales that is driven by these internet celebrities, is just as the same as the traditional fast fashion industry ranging from marketing, design and mass production.

The only difference is that followers of internet celebrities will generate the core consumption power and thru interactions with fans the celebrities hear the demand of potential customers faster and efficiently saving cost and time for marketing and advertising. Based on the report around 90 percent of the customers of the internet celebrities online stores are females and by promoting products earlier are focused on the apparel and cosmetics industries and the trend expands into food, outdoor and computer peripherals as more male customers are joining the group.

People born after the 1990s are different compared to previous customers as the social relationship was built on the internet and based on their taste and interest rather than compared with branding and advertising. New consumers are relying on the shopping suggestion from internet opinion leaders that allow the internet celebrities in making profits through social relationships with their fans. Plus the tourism industry also benefited as travel websites are presenting social interactive functions are also relying on internet celebrities in stimulating click rates from fans.

Basically Beijing, Shanghai and Hangzhou are the three top cities reserved the largest number of streaming celebrities and buyers as half of the products that are promoted have been purchased by people living in second tier cities.

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