Report Shows that More Overseas Students Coming Home to Start own Business

Report Shows that More Overseas Students Coming Home to Start own BusinessA number of students that studied overseas are returning home and starting their own businesses. Based on a report by the National Development and Reform Commission, by the end of 2014 around 305 startup business incubators that were specially designed for students returning from abroad. These overseas students pioneer parks are headquarters to 22,000 startups and employs 63,000 overseas students.

From 2008 to 2015, China Recruitment Program of Global Experts introduced 5,208 high level talents came from overseas wherein the plan funded 307 returnees in the high tech enterprises from 200,000 to 500,000 yuan each and around 70 million yuan in total from 2009 to 2014. Then in 2014 about 29,000 related projects were docked with capital and talents or four times the number in the previous years and as the number of Chinese students that are coming home for employment hit a record high in the recent years. Statistics released by the Ministry of Education there were 523,700 Chinese students traveled overseas to study in 2015, a 14 percent year on year rise. And 409,100 students returning overseas or 12 percent from 2014. Another trends that was seen that the ration of students going abroad and those coming back narrowed from 3.15 students going overseas in 20006 for every one student that returned to 1.28 in 2015.

Startup the were established by the returnees focuses on new biological and pharmaceutical engineering, trade, wholesale and retail, new generation information technology, cultural creative industry, environment protection, high end equipment manufacturing and energy conservation. A statement that was issued during the national working conference on services for returning students in 2011 and 80 percent of Nasdaq listed Chinese high tech enterprises area started by returning students.

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