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Fusion Fitness Biggest Loser in Support of Captivating International

Biggest-Loser shenzhen

Would you like to GET FIT, LOSE WEIGHT and SUPPORT CAPTIVATING at the same time? If this is how you would like to start off the year of the dragon, then read on…… Fusion fitness are running a fun 3-month competition to promote healthy living and weight loss, where individuals and teams compete to see [...]

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Learn Swimming with International Coaches in China and the USA!

Learn Swimming with International Coaches in China and the USA!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Chinese New Year break. As many of you know we will be back in the pool for our Spring Festival Swim Course starting on February 3rd – 12th. During this period we will conduct class everyday (10 days in a row). For those of you who still have classes [...]

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Dawei Water Aerobics Course with Melissa Calusio

Dawei Water Aerobics Course with Melissa Calusio

If you looking for a fun way to lose weight, nothing is better than Water Aerobics! Working out in the pool is enjoyable and interesting and the Dawei  Awesome Water Aerobics Course offers a fun, easy, fat-burning exercise that is gentle and safe enough for anyone.  We use the pool as our gym, where the [...]

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Another Holiday, Another Holiday Swim Course!

Another Holiday, Another Holiday Swim Course!

It is the holiday season and this time courtesy of Mainland China.  Yes, Chinese New Year is fast approaching and the kids will be off school, again.  That doesn’t mean, however, that they will have nothing to do.  No sir!  The Dawei Awesome Swim Club is here to help!  Keep your kids healthy, happy, and [...]

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Fusion Martial Arts’ Boys Judo Team Shine in Hong Kong Junior Judo Championships

Fusion Martial Arts at HK Junior Judo 2011

Fusion Martial Arts’ Boys Judo team went to Hong Kong on Sunday to compete in the 2011 Hong Kong Junior Judo Championships. The 7-11 year-olds have been practicing hard under coaches Mike Horne and Donald Chang for the last three months to compete at their first-ever tournament, against more experienced competitors from a number of [...]

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Dawei Awesome Swim Club Introduces their Winter Holiday Classes in Cooperation with Fusion Fitness

da 11s

Swimmers, Parents, and Sports Fanatics, The holidays are fast approaching and the Dawei Awesome Swim Club (www.daweiawesome.com) is expanding it Shekou!  We are working closely with Shekou’s new Fusion Fitness Gym (www.fusionfitnesssz.com) and will offer two specialHoliday swim courses: Holiday Swim Camp and Team Training. Both courses will be held at the Zhaoshang, indoor, heated [...]

Dec 14 2011, 2:08 pm | Posted in Featured,Fitness | Read More »

Swimming and Fitness in Shekou

da 39s

By: David Shomaker and John Graham Swimming is a sport that offers benefits both physically and mentally.  Moreover, it is an exercise that people of all ages can enjoy. This sport, unlike most others, offers full-body support while working all muscles groups.  Beyond the physical benefits, David Shomaker, head coach at the Dawei Awesome Swim [...]

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Fusion’s Young Martial Artists to Compete at their First Judo Competition in Hong Kong

Fusion Martial Arts Junior Judo

The boys of Fusion Martial Arts at Fusion Fitness will be competing in their first competition at the Junior Judo Championships in Hong Kong this Sunday. The young martial artists will be accompanied by coach, Mike Horne to the tournament with Master Donald Chang serving as one the tournament referees. The competition is an elimination [...]

Dec 9 2011, 11:55 am | Posted in Featured,Martial Arts & MMA | Read More »

Yoga and Pilates, The Connection.

yoga in shenzhen

Think of breathing. We do it naturally every day, all the time. In a sense, it is the life force of our bodies. The preservation of health has been an enduring subject throughout the history of humanity. Many practices have formed, grown and evolved over time. From Chigong (Qi Gong) and Yoga all the way [...]

Dec 5 2011, 9:54 am | Posted in Featured,Fitness | Read More »

The Advantages of Using Barbell Chains

barbell chains

If you’ve been able to visit Fusion Fitness in recent weeks (we hope you have, if not, come over for a run and a smoothie!) then you will surely have noticed the set of large chains hanging on our squat rack and more than likely will have wondered what they are for. Josh Phillips gives us [...]

Nov 28 2011, 3:10 pm | Posted in Featured,Fitness | Read More »

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Fusion Fitness is a 1200 square meter foreign owned and operated gym in Shekou offering a variety of fitness options for the entire family. With a professional international team of personal trainers from John Graham Fitness, Martial Arts for children and adults, as well as Dance, Yoga and Tae Bo, Fusion has everything you need to get in shape and have fun doing it! www.fusionfitnesssz.com

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