A Taste of Istanbul In Shenzhen – Turkish restaurant

shenzhen istanbul restaurantIf you want to try something that’s not Chinese, but not so much your typical western cuisine either, then head over to the Istanbul Turkish restaurant. One of the best Turkish Cuisine venues in Shenzhen, it offers an open kitchen so you can view and choose your food. It is always busy.

I love this place as the portions are good and the price is right. Although, please note, no beer is available, if you build a good relationship with the managers they will let you BYO (Bring Your Own) into one of the private rooms.

Room 07 Langjuyufeng, Block 1010 Wenjin Road, LuoHu District, Shenzhen

TEL; 0755-8261021 , 0755-82610230


电话: 0755-8261021 , 0755-82610230

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  1. nice text & pictures.
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