Spring Festival Flower Market (Usually Opens 10 Days Before the Lunar New Year)

So, this is my second article about “That Time of the Year.”

The Spring Festival a.k.a Chinese New Year a.k.a Not That Time of the Year Again a.k.a Oh No!!

Well, enough of the hilarity. I went to check out the new Spring Festival Flower Market in Futian, located in between The Ritz Carlton, Sheraton and Central Walk.

Upon arrival I was expecting to be inundated with heloo, heloo, heloo (Yes, the spelling is correct!), when to my pleasant surprise everyone had a cheerful new year attitude. It was actually a pleasant change from the normal Shenzhen life.

My girlfriend and I started to walk around and I must say they had some pretty cool stuff, thousands of New Year plants and flowers, Bonsai’s, Orchid’s and Cherry Blossom’s. It was really nice.

Then the next street has all your Chinese New year Decorations. My girlfriend convinced me to buy the biggest one (which cost me a massive RMB15 hahaha) as it would bring us luck this year and apparently with luck comes a wheel barrow full of money too (I won’t say no ;) ).

Next was my biggest surprise: there was a stand selling books….Now everyone says that they can get books at book city. You can but this guy was selling ONLY English books and they were cheap, so I bought the new 2009 Michal Jackson photo book (pretty cool),  along with a few cook books, cocktail books, a book about the Dakota Trail and a few others. In total, I spent about 300rmb. I was pretty amazed.

I suggest everyone check out this fantastic market! It is open till rather late, we left at around 11.30pm.

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  1. Unfortunately, It closes on the morning of new years day. Until the end of this chinese new year.

  2. sounds nice, do you if it will remain open after CNY is over?

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