The Nepal Restaurant In Futian

Well by now I am sure everyone is aware that McCawley’s has opened their second branch in Futian. Along with this branch of McCawley’s, Futian has also been blessed with the second branch of the Nepal restaurant.

I had heard so many good things about this place when they only had their branch in Shekou, but to be honest, I was too lazy to go “all the way to Shekou” so they came “all the way to Futian.” It was great! So, after a month, I decided to try it and here is the verdict.

I went with my friend and we ordered the Samosa (Lamb), Garlic Naan, Hariyali Chicken Tikka and the prawn curry, along with 3 sodas.

Samosa: It was good, very good. However, I think the use of mutton as the lamb flavour was a bit overwhelming. Overall I enjoyed this dish.

Garlic Naan: It was great, but how can you go wrong with bread and garlic?

Hariyali Chicken Tikka: The flavour was good, but it was very dry. I know Hariyali is meant to be dry but this was too dry, serving it on a hot plate makes it worse. I would not order it again.

Prawn Curry: This was simply amazing, however, a little light on the prawn side.

The total bill came to around 200 RMB.

My final verdict was that the food was of great quality. The flavour was good but overall a little pricey for the portion sizes.

Please go check it out yourself. You may have a different view.

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