Tornado in Shekou, Shenzhen on July 27, 2010

Did anyone see the tornado this morning? The picture looks authentic and so far no one has claimed this to be a hoax. You saw it here first. If anyone has seen this first hand – pls comment so we know this is a true picture.

I was only able to find one confirmation from:

Professor Liam Murphee of the Harbin Institute of Technology @ Shenzhen Graduate School who reported on CNN iReport.

“Looking out my 15th floor apartment window toward Hong Kong at 8:45 AM this morning at Sea World in Shekou Harbour in Shenzhen, China, I was shocked to see what appeared to be 2 tornados over the water very close to the nearby beach and hills close to Hong Kong. As one dissapated, the other got stronger, hitting the water and causing the water to spray high into the air. There appeared to be a boat or small ship within a few feet of where the tornado was hitting the water. We took this picture at that time.”

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  1. it was the Beijing weather control experts trying to clean up chicken street once and for all.

  2. Arthur N. Digwell

    I’ve got it on video if anyone’s interested.

  3. Thanks for posting this. These are awesome pics. I posted the link on my Facebook page and they have received a lot of comments and questions.

    Great Job!

  4. Yes netizens these ARE real. Unless someone was standing behind me on my terrace this morning I’m pretty sure most of these are my shots. Thought I saw a skinny guy on the roof wearing a beret with a goatee and a glass of champagne but I couldn’t be sure after he blended into the skyline. Yikes! Didn’t have to send them too far for them to wind up here though. Wicked aren’t they! Compelled to congratulate SZS scribes on using the term “tornado” since it is rather more dramatic with a much more sinister stigma attached to it than what these actually were – Waterspouts! I’m a little waterspout…here is my handle here is my etc. In fact the two can actually be equally treacherous. There were actually three formations with the longest one lasting 20 mins traveling about 2 klms before it dissipated on the New Territories across Shenzhen Bay.Looks great on film and although there was no sound from the phenomena across the bay my footage is filled with expletives professing disbelief: “You are [email protected]#$%^& kidding me!” Residents of Shekou know there are some insidious weather systems that come across that bay evidenced again this evening by a deafening electrical storm. There are a few better snaps from my mail titled WICKED WATERSPOUTS so get ‘em up there whoever has them lest they wind up at some Party on the other side of town. Happy to stay JK.

  5. I saw them also, but from my bike, from Coastal Rose to Shekou Ferry Terminal. And then, waiting for my bus, I saw them vanished. Impressive.

  6. I witnessed this from my apartment. It was, in fact, as real as they come. I even called my husband to inquire about safety and precautions, should it venture closer to shore!

  7. Interesting stuff – has this happened in Shekou before?

  8. I am interest your prompt news

  9. Marshall Taplits

    At first I thought this was fake but I’ve been receiving pictures from others as well! This is definitely real. I sent in some additional photos that we can post online for everyone to see. Unreal!

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