Vienna Philharmonic, Set to Perform in Shenzhen Concert Hall

Vienna Philharmonic, Set to Perform in Shenzhen Concert Hall

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The Vienna Philharmonic, known for its distinctive elegance and prowess will be performing at the Shenzhen Concert Hall between September and November this year.

They will be staging three chamber music concerts in the form of a string quartet, a violin solo and six cellos.

On September 3, the string quartet will be performing first of the three, with Violinists Daniel Froschauer and Marian Lesko, violist Wolf-Dieter Rath and cellist Gerhard Kauffman, interpreting the most melodic music.

The program will include Haydn’s “String Quartet in F Major,” also known as the “Serenade” and Beethoven’s “String Quartet No. 4 in C Minor.”  The former represented the growth of chamber music and the latter marks the prime of this form.

The second half of the concert will be Shostakovich’s “Adagio and Allegro”, also nicknamed a movie soundtrack for its memorable melodies.  Dvorak’s “String Quartet in F Major”, nicknamed the American, is one of the most popular pieces of chamber music by the Czech composer.  Merging American themes with Bohemian styles, the piece is lively and cheerful.

The Six Cellos of the Vienna Philharmonic was founded by cellist Gerhart Kaufmann. To ensure the quality of the productions, the Vienna Philharmonic decided that each chamber music group formed by its staff could have 14 members at the most.

Kaufmann has brought his Six Cellos to Shenzhen before but it will be the first time this year that so many artists with different voice parts will be appearing.

Jim Jiang, spokesman for the Shenzhen Concert Hall said, ” The artists are very busy doing regular performances with the Vienna Philharmonic and Vienna State Opera House. If they need to travel abroad, they have to find other artists of their standart to replace them at the Vienna Philharmonic. So it’s a rare chance to hear them in Shenzhen.”

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  1. where do we buy tickets?

  2. Hey, this sounds great – - – a world class Philharmonic string quartet in Shenzhen! How do I buy tickets?

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