Shanghai Tops Survey on China’s Sexiest City, Shenzhen 6th

Shanghai Tops Survey on China's Sexiest City, Shenzhen 6th

According to a recent survey among nearly 6,600 people aged 18-60, Shanghai is China’s sexiest city. People around the country, deemed “quite gorgeous” Shanghai’s metropolitan style and prosperous economy.

Hong Kong came in second in the 30-city survey, followed by Chongqing. Hong Kong’s glamorous stars in show business and Chongqing’s reputation for beautiful women were considered sexy by the survey respondents.

Shenzhen ranked 6th sexiest for being a special economic zone.

The survey was an open-ended one, allowing respondents to name any city they considered sexy and to give their reasons.

According to the results of  the survey by Horizon Research, the 10 sexiest cities in China are: Shanghai, Hongkong, Chongqing, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Sanya, Dalian and Macau.

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  1. We have seven women for every guy here in Shenzhen and they name another city sexiest city, come on! I wonder what part of Shanghai the survey team came from. Shenzhen is obviously the sexiest city in China!

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