Bank sponsored environmentally friendly weddings

Bank sponsored environmentally friendly weddingsTo celebrate the International Car-Free Day, four couple married in an environment friendly ceremony,  organized by the credit card center of the Shenzhen Development Bank took public transportation instead of the traditional wedding limousines. The wedding couple took the Metro line that started at Guomao Metro Station and ended at the Window of the World Metro Station.

At the Window of the World Station, marketing director Wang Haining congratulated the couples on choosing the low carbon wedding ceremonies. The average carbon dioxide emitted by cars amount to .26 tons. Using the Metro wedding ceremonies produced carbon emission considerably less, and its good for the environment. The four couples hoped their passion for saving the environment could influence friends, relatives and people that witnessed the ceremony.

Today marks the eighth World car free day since 2000 as well as the beginning of the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. It has been an annual day of celebration on four different continents, which reclaim streets and lives from automobiles.

To encourage more people to be aware of their environment, Shenzhen Development Bank offered free subway tickets to residents of Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen.

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