The Day Of The Dragon, Shenzhen 10′s

The Shenzhen 10's Tournament

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But firstly a little regression, with the attitude, spirit, teamwork and determination we showed over our pre-season training I had an inkling that this was going to be a special day for all involved with the Shenzhen Dragons and that inkling came to fruition.

At the Dragons we are a collective. A squad and any success we enjoy is a testament to the entire squad, this mantra is a cornerstone in the Dragons organisation.

Arriving at seven a.m. with the aroma of freshly cut pitch in our nostrils we banded together to apply the finishing touches to the venue. The venue looked fantastic and set the scene for what was to follow, an outstanding showcase for rugby in general and for rugby in China in particular. We have great sponsors and at the Dragons we use our highest endeavours to represent those organisations in the best light possible.

There were some great games in the lead-up to the finals with some monster hits and silky rugby skills on display, the two teams that progressed to the cup final, Hong Kong DEA 1 and the Rams from Guangzhou provided an outstanding match that was both brilliant and ferocious, the way rugby should be played.

Now to the game of the tournament between Hong Kong University and the Shenzhen Dragons in the Plate final.
We went into the tournament with a game plan of mobile aggression, hit the opposition hard, hit them often, keep moving, always communicating, backing each other up and most importantly to have no regrets.

The team executed this perfectly in a tough game that exhibited the traits that are rugby. We triumphed in extra time due to a piece of brilliant thinking and execution by an individual who now has the title of  “The Most Valuable Dragon Alive”.

Congratulations Shenzhen Dragons you deserve it, you should be proud.

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  1. Great article Marc, for once we played with the same intensity for the whole game. Luckily the ref kept his hand down for the last try :)

  2. 35 Dragons roared, but one stealthily crept across the try line at the critical time. Well done “Most Valuable Dragon Alive”.

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