Microsoft Headquarter Opens in Shenzhen

Microsoft Headquarter Opens in Shenzhen

A division of Microsoft Corp., opened in Shenzhen on Wednesday, September 29.

According to an agreement signed by Microsoft and the city government, Microsoft Asia-Pacific Research & Development Group-South China Headquarter, will cooperate with the city in high-tech research, production, software, outsourcing and professional training.

As reported by Shenzhen Economic Daily, Microsoft Corp. will work jointly with the city government and other companies to establish a creative cloud computing business and a software outsourcing center.

Zhang Yaqin, president of the new headquarter, said, “We’ve set-up the southern headquarters in Shenzhen because we have very high hopes for the city’s technology professionals and creatives.” He also said that the group will work together with Shenzhen’s schools and colleges to build a software training base.

Microsoft has gradually increased its investment on the research and development in China and prepared to invest 1 billion US dollars in China, which will be mainly used on human resource and hardware supporting facilities.

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  1. It’s about time we declare Shenzhen the greatest city on earth.

  2. As someone in the IT industry it’s great to see Shenzhen becoming an IT hub for South China!

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