Couple to donate their bodies to science

Couple to donate their bodies to scienceAn elderly couple have decided to donate their remains after death. Their decision was brought out when the couple read reports in papers about other elder couple donating their bodies, and they have already asked the Red Cross organ donation office on the details and procedures.

A coordinator have already met with the couple to complete the procedure, since the couple have an identity wish. The couple identity documents have expired and they don’t have Shenzhen hukou. The couple migrated to the United States in 1979 but came back home in 1993, due to language barrier and homesickness the couple decided not to become American citizens.

Right now they are living in Shenzhen because its close to Hong Kong where their daughter lives, and the security bureau refused their application for hukou three times stating the couple should return to Guangzhou where they originally from. Since they don’t have relatives or friends in Guangzhou they are likely to be denied hukou there as well.

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