Cities signed agreement to fight counterfeiting operations

Cities signed agreement to fight counterfeiting operationsThree cities signed a anti-counterfeit agreement in a joint effort to crackdown counterfeit cigarettes and cement. Shenzhen, Huizhou, and Dongguan will conduct anti counterfeit operations and inspections in all cigarettes and cement factories.

Factories found manufacturing or selling the products will be penalized and closed  down, and no exact date is given on when the campaign will start. The operation will deal with cross country counterfeiting effectively as stated by city officials. These past years rampant counterfeiting of cigarettes and cement in the city was harming social order throughout the city.

Cooperation will provide interactive platforms to help the three cities in cracking the counterfeiting activities. The Shenzhen market administration together with the city anti counterfeit office have already organized raids and have caught 28 illegal productions of cigarettes in the first half of this year, both offices also conducted and at least closed 10 producers and sellers of counterfeit cement.

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