Younger people are diagnosed having arthritis

Younger people are diagnosed having arthritisFrom data gathered from city hospitals showed a large number of younger people are diagnosed with having arthritis, this condition accounts for 80 percent of bone and joint diseases in the city.

Arthritis is now on the World Health Organization list of disabling diseases and is a growing threat to the residents of Shenzhen. Doctors at the Bone and Joint department in the No.1 People’s Hospital says its not unusual to find arthritis in people aged 40 to 50. Normally this diseases if found in people aged 60 and above. This is because of changes in lifestyles and exercising habits of young people.

Extended exposure to electric fans and air conditioners also contributes to the disease, its was also known that doing exercise in excess can also harm your bones and joints which can lead to arthritis. Doctors can identify different types of arthritis with the help of x-rays and patients having early onset of arthritis can suppress the condition by changing eating habits and lifestyle.

Arthritis can be cured if you have been diagnosed correctly and if your arthritis is treated as early as possible.

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