New rating system makes it easier to gain resident certificates

New rating system makes it easier to gain resident certificates20,000 migrant workers applied yesterday to join a new hukou system, making it easier for migrant workers to attain resident certificates. The new hukou rating system allows a migrant workers with more than 60 points eligible to apply for a Shenzhen urban residency.

Applicants having points ranging from 60 to 80, 81 to 100, and 100 points above, accounts for 55 percent of migrant workers, but the city is allowed to offer hukou to 4,600 applicants and migrant workers need to apply before November 1. The more points an applicant have, the better chance that they can attain hukou. The city have more than six million migrant workers and around 40,000 have already been given Shenzhen hukou.

Under the new rating system having good educational background, skills and social security records plus participating in various voluntary activities can increase rating chances. Having offenses or violations will deduct points. Having residence certificates can help workers get housing subsidies, policies and back up funds if they decide to put up business. Family member also enjoy policies ranging from education and employment.

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