Electric charging stands to be installed thoughout Shenzhen

Electric charging stands to be installed thoughout Shenzhen6,500 charging stands will be installed by the Southern Power Grid, 3,500 are for private electric cars and the remaining 3,000 will be for public vehicles. Electric car buyers can apply to the Shenzhen power supply bureau so the company can install a charging stand for free in their residential block is they have the consent of the property management.

The Shenzhen reform and development commission revealed the names of 14 housing estates that will have charging stands for electric vehicles installed in their area. The installation of this station marked the beginning of the city’s EV charging network.a commission official states that the number of stands will reflect the number of vehicles ratio to 5:100. Charging stations in public areas will be ratio 10:100. Car owners can ask the property management for a parking place were the charging stand will be installed. A minimum of .2495 yuan is charged to the car owner who charges their vehicle from 11 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Shenzhen is planning to build 78 charging stations and around 20,000 charging stands by 2012. The city will also promote the use of new energy and  as of right now the city is already using 339 hybrid buses, 300 LNG buses and 50 electric taxis.

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  1. This is great – one of the main issues with pushing people towards electric vehicles is being able to charge them easily. Laying down the infrastructure in a serious way is a great benefit to Shenzhen.

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  1. Microstorm: I believe the location is “Zhong Xin Er Lu, Fu Tian Qu, Shenzhen – 深圳市, 福田区,中心二路”...
  2. Allen: Can you provide a map to accompany this article? I am curious to know where Zhongxin No. 2 Street in Fution is...
  3. second hand smoke sufferer: Ban smoking in public areas in Shenzhen? You have to be kidding! Millions more will die...
  4. Microstorm: Chinese Name: 圳阳迷你仓 Address (English/Pinyin): 3rd Gongye road ,Shekou,Nanshan District ,Shenzhen....
  5. Daniel: For the 90 yuan per CBM in Nanshan, can you tell me which company it is and how to contact them?