3,000 migrant workers to receive Shenzhen hukou

3,000 migrant workers to receive Shenzhen hukouAround 3,000 migrant workers in Shenzhen are offered permanent residence permits when the new hukou rating system attracted almost 16,000 applicants. According to the city human resources and social security administration the successful applications were from workers that have more than a 100 points in the new 250 points hukou rating system.

The city administration asks residents to report any inconsistency or corrections in the information they submitted by applicants by calling 12333 or 8210-8904. Those caught giving wrong information will be removed from the list. informants will be required to give their real names and contact information and will be kept confidential by the administration. Those applicants on the hukou list are asked to check their credit reports at a specified inquiry center five working days after the release of the hukou list. hukou quota is allocated to companies and recruitment service centers where the migrant workers have applied. Applicants are to submit the complete details of their original hukou to the administration before December 6.

Under the new rating system applicants can gain more points if they have good backgrounds, records and activities, offensive behavior leads to lose of points. As of 2004, 40,000 Shenzhen hukou have been granted to almost 6 million migrant workers.

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