Hard Rock Cafe Shenzhen. The bygone days

Some of us come, Some of us go and Some of us Stay

U bar Came, Stay and left us. The Hilton Came Stayed and left us as did the Hard Rock cafe Shenzhen. Only its story was a little shorter than most peoples stay in Shenzhen.

Way back in the Nineties, thats was before the naughties and decades before the firsties, hard Rock cafe Came to Shenzhen. It was located where “Friday cafe” is now located, at the western end of Shun Hing Square, or for the none native speakers, Di wang Da Sha.

Everyone loves the hard Rock cafe, But I think 1997 may have been a little early for them to crack the Wild Wild West. Hard Rock unfortunately only lasted about 1 year before it closed down in 1998.

Now, the question I ask everyone is. Do you think its time for Hard Rock Rafe to “Crack the rock hard City” yet?

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  1. I had no idea that SZ used to have a hard rock – bring it back (maybe in Futian though this time)?

  2. IT`S TIME TO ROCK! This would be the best thing for me could happen in SZ! Also just read that there will be a new one in Hong Kong again and in Macau in Spring 2011!

  3. The English boys love the Hard rock cafe and it was our favourite place in OZ during the 2003 world cup.
    Little Jonny wouldn’t have slotted that winning drop goal had it not been for the yummy pig sandwich the night before!!

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