No Guts,No Glory – Black Diamond Dragons

No Guts,No Glory - Black Diamond DragonsPride, passion and intestinal fortitude are terms that are often overused but on Saturday November 27th in Guangzhou a squad of young and not so young men who I have the privilege of being involved with, the Shenzhen Dragons displayed all of those virtues in spades.

Upon arrival at the venue we were greeted with the request for four players to suit up immediately and join the Chengdu Pandas and not a word of discontent was heard from the players chosen, they represented the Dragons admirably and set the tone for the day, they all displayed heart and a rare gem was unearthed in the form of a young man by the name of Robert who brought back memories to me from Coogee Oval in the 80′s, i thought Glen Ella had morphed to Guangzhou, certainly something to get the juices flowing.

In the second game we met a Guangzhou Rams team full of experienced and talented rugby players who we were no match for but not for one minute did our team give up and there were stellar efforts all over the park.  We will be much better for the experience, it was a tough blooding for our tyros some of whom were playing their first game of rugby and from the expressions on their faces it will certainly not be their last.

The third game against a combined Chengdu Guangzhou team followed similar lines to the previous game with our team put under a constant barrage of pressure. The team toughed it out with a similar result to the previous match save for a heroic effort from the team which resulted in a try to Chopper Beach.

I will save my words for individuals in private but I will say here that the Dragons displayed courage under a burning fire and even though beaten never once did they drop their heads, more power to you guys and thank you for a great effort.

We will get better, lessons learned the hard way tend to stick.

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  1. Hi!Shenzhen Dragons!I definitely wanna play rugby with you!I knew that you always have training at Fu Tian Ti Yu Park
    .Could you mind telling me your training time?Looking forward to joining !I’m from Shenzhen!Thank you very much!

  2. There should be an honorable mention for Tim who played tirelessly through out the day with strong runs and big tackles.

  3. Last time I played centre, Im pretty sure the opposition weren’t that big. We know we need to improve and the way to do so is by learning the technical aspects of the game. Namely, line out, scrummaging, rucking, tackling, offloading and kicking. None of the aforementioned are present in the game of touch, if new players are to learn the skills of the game, they need to A) Watch the game on TV and B)Practice until it becomes second nature in training. And anyone who disagress will get a slap of my pate covered baguette, see you tomorrow for the legends party.

  4. Next time, lads. See you all Saturday.

  5. Dan “hard as nails” Beach led the way with a gutsy try.

  6. We could of done with a few of your English boys for the Saffers game later that day. Congratulations Dragons on a huge effort, more than a few hurting and broken bodies the next day I imagine.

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  3. scott welsh: The game became very disappointing in the second set and down hill from there. Very disappointing.
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