More Railway systems to be opened in time for the Universiade games

More Railway systems to be opened in time for the Universiade gamesThe high speed rail that links the Shenzhen Guangzhou and Wuhan and Hong Kong sections will be open on the eve of the Universiade games in August. The section was originally scheduled to open by the end of 2010 when the Shenzhen North Railway Section is completed.

But work on the Shiziyang tunnel was delayed, and was just completed two weeks ago. The tunnel that passes under the Pearl River was about 11 kilometers and is said to be the longest underwater railway tunnel in China. The tunnel is part of the 140 kilometer railway system that links Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Hong Kong. The rail lines will be open in sections from now till 2016.

This new line will reduce the travel time from Guangzhou and Shenzhen to 30 minutes, Guangzhou to Hong Kong in 40 minutes from the previous travel time of two hours. The line will have a designated speed of 350 kilometers per hour, and passengers traveling from Beijing to Hong Kong will only take eight hours.

More sections of the rail lines are in development and are expected to open by June.

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