Tiger Woods Visits Mission Hills

Tiger Woods Visits Mission HillsLast month, Nike Golf and Tiger Woods held an exclusive golf clinic at Mission Hills, Donguan.

Tiger Woods is without a doubt one of the best golfers to have played the game. Among many of his successes and achievements are 14 major championship victories, 100 professional tournaments and a record of 10 PGA Player of the Year awards.

On the 18th hole at the Olazabal course Nike Golf, Mission Hills and Tiger Woods hosted a Junior Golf clinic.

It was an exceptionally memorable experience with perfect weather and golfers and fans from all over south China attending to see Tiger. The deafening silence that echoed over the hills of the course showed clearly how well respected and admired Tiger is in China.

Being based out of Mission Hills and working with many golf professionals, I have heard many things about Tiger Woods. Everything from amazing technical skills and the body dynamics in his swing, to not too complimentary things about his nature and history.

Working in the golf world and communicating fitness, nutrition and supplementation to professional golfers is great and is something I’m very passionate about. I’m constantly exploring ways to enhance the fitness and performance of these professional golfers. Golfers tend to be slightly leaner compared to other athletes, or at least lean and tall is the ideal physique for a golfer to have.

What is emphasized in Golf Fitness and something I always stress in my sessions is the importance of having strength in your muscles as well as length. Flexibility is key to enhanced golf performance. Your muscles need to be able to stretch fluidly through a large range of motion to produce that perfect swing.

I was curious about Tigers’ physique and fitness and how it relates to his golf game. (more on this in the next article on Tigers’ Golf Performance) Tiger has been known to bench close to 300lbs and squat an incredible amount of weight too. He trains 2 hours a day and is an avid fitness enthusiast when it comes to training in the gym and cardio. Upon seeing Tiger he looked a lot larger than most golfers I know… muscular-large. Seeing him close up in person he seems a whole lot bigger than how he appears in magazines and TV. Standing next to him I found myself comparing physiques, and here in China I don’t often feel challenged!

He is a certainly a complete athlete who obviously takes fitness seriously which has allowed him to hold the top spot for years!

Shot of the day.
The day ended too quickly for everyone as Tiger had to be on a plane to another city that evening. As people slowly packed into cars and buses heading back to Shenzhen, Hong Kong or wherever, I managed to get in some driving range time with some family and friends that were able to come along for the event. One instance that happened on the day I thought was very impressive was a shot Tiger made which me and guys tried to hit ourselves as the sky was getting darker.

No doubt any shot Tiger made on the day, demanded silence and an awe from the crowd but one shot in particular was by far the shot of the day. Tiger on the 18th hole of Orgathabal was 186 yards out of the green in a bunker. He reached in his bag for a club. “what club have you got there?” the announcer said who was relating to the crowd Tigers and the junior golfers actions throughout the clinic., “This is 6 iron.” To which the crowd awed at his choice. This is a very hard shot to make, a shot that only a player with years of experience and expertise would be able to make with ease.

Tiger lined up to hit the ball. He had to hit the ball high with a fade due to the fact that he was far right. Tigers head movements are greatly responsible for the club head on impact. If his head is high while making the shot from the sand, this will effect the shot. Tigers head height has to remain the same, completely level. If that changes, and his head height moves, he won’t be able to make the shot. The shot will often be what’s called “heavy” or “thick”.

Tiger lined up, and completely relaxed and confident, hit the ball. The ball landed in the green, hopped once and hit the flag pole and dropped straight down two inches from hole. He hit directly in the middle of the stick which meant his alignment was perfect.

We were witnessing his legendary accuracy and athletic ability first hand, and regardless of what you think about his personal life, his talent is undeniable.

Stay tuned for the next article where we get some in depth insight into Tigers’ Golf Game.

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  1. I suppose Tiger can be pretty controversial so I’m gutted no one from SS followed him to a love hotel somewhere and interviewed him about his final shot but to be very honest I’d much prefer to hear more about the Shenzhen Mayor sentenced to death for taking bribes of more than 33 million yuan. On ya Tiger!!!!! I think this says a lot about the maturity of local business stepping to the forefront in an international arena…or lack of it! Well at least they weren’t worried about what UNIVERSIADE thinks! I love it here.

  2. What’s he like in person?

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