Odd and Even Scheme Might be Used to Control Vehicles on Roads

Odd and even scheme might be used to control vehicles on roadsThe number of vehicles in Shenzhen has already reached 1.86 million as of  June and the city now has the greatest density of vehicles on the road that any other city in China. The Traffic Administrative Bureau is now trying to find ways to decrease the number of vehicles on the road by implementing some regulations to curb vehicle use.

One scheme being planned is to try and encourage motorists to use the Metro or bus services as it will relieve traffic congestion during the Universiade. The city doesn’t want to restrict vehicles on the road like what Beijing and Guangzhou did, but if it’s necessary they will be restricting vehicles on alternating days by using  odd and even numbering. If this measure is implemented,  it will take 800,000 vehicles off the road.

Shenzhen right now is enticing yellow labeled vehicle owners to change their cars by offering subsidies of 6,000 to 18,000 yuan. The policy was extended in hopes of attracting drivers to replace their cars. This will reduce the pollution caused by the yellow labeled cars and improve the air quality in Shenzhen.

Emission from the yellowed labeled cars is the main source of pollution, with 310,000 running in the streets the vehicles contribute around 60 percent of the pollutants found in the air. From July to August yellow labeled vehicles will be restricted from entering the city from 7 :00 am until 8:00 pm.

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