Government to Relax Restrictions on Residency Application

Government to relax restrictions on residency applicationPermanent residents in Shenzhen are expected to reach more than one million by 2015. This number is a result of a plan released by the city government to make it easier for foreigners to apply for permanent residency. By doing this Shenzhen will be optimizing their population structure.

In 2010, Shenzhen’s population had already reached 10 million people, but only 2.59 million are holders of hukou or have permanent residency permits. Of the total number of hukou holders, 42 percent have college degrees, and the city’s 12th five year plan making it easier to apply for permanent residency will increase hukou holders that have college degrees to 45 percent.

To further achieve this goal Shenzhen will also relax restrictions on permanent residency application applied for by college graduates, skilled workers, investors, professionals and those who are seeking family reunification. Requirements on taxes will also be decreased, the time span required to be living in the city will also be adjusted.

By the year 2015 the city hopes to have overseas talents and professionals to start investing in businesses and properties in the city. The city government also plans to increase the minimum wage by ten percent annually and provide more jobs in accordance with their 12th five year plan period.

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