More Self-Service Counters to be Added Next Year

More self service counters to be added next yearShenzhen travelers holding multiple entry permits going to Hong Kong can now use the self- service lanes or e-channels while passing the Hong Kong immigration starting next year.

Hong Kong is now building more of the e-channels and self-service lanes in the Luohu and Futian checkpoints, which will save time for mainland travelers. Hong Kong’s security bureau will also be adding more e-channels in the Lok Ma Chau and Wenjingdu checkpoints later next year.

Hong Kong has already launched a campaign that will improve the services of their checkpoint staff, after receiving reports from travelers on the attitude of some staff. The campaign encourages them to smile and provide better service to incoming travelers.

Most of the travelers are Shenzhen residents holding hukou and multiple entry permits using the self-service lanes at checkpoints a lot on the Shenzhen side as soon as they have registered their information and had their fingerprints taken at the Shenzhen checkpoint. Residents of Hong Kong can use the self-service lanes in the Hong Kong and on the  Shenzhen side.

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