City to Acquire more Electric Vehicles to Use as Public Transportation

City to acquire more electric vehicles to use as public transportationBy the year 2015, Shenzhen will have around 3,000 electric taxis and 6,000 electric buses plying the streets as reported by the city transportation commission. Adding more electric public transport is part of the city’s plan to create a green city by using more electric vehicles as public transportation.

In a previous agreement with the city government and Shenzhen automaker BYD, the city’s transportation system will include electric vehicles after the Universiade games in which the city used 300 e6 electric taxis and 200 k9 electric buses. Using electric vehicles during the Universiade gave the necessary experience the city needed to promote the use of green vehicles.

Since the number of electric vehicles is fast increasing, more charging and natural gas stations will also be increased to satisfy the number of green vehicles driving in the city. The first batch of electric taxis went into service in May of last year and brought the number of electric taxis in Shenzhen to 100 during by the end of last year.

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  1. Do you know how many electric taxis there are in Shenzhen now? I am seeing them everywhere, must be well over the 100 quoted above. Would be good if you could provide some details on why they must be working so well in buses, Shenzhen really is leading the world in this area.

  2. We can have 3000 electric taxi and 6000 electric buses which is great news for us, at least we can breath better, but why then they like to ban electric motorbikes…Just don’t make sense.

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