Non-hukou Holders Can Now Travel on Packaged Tours to Taiwan

Non hukou holders can now travel on package tours to TaiwanAccording to the National Tourism Administration, there are new rules that will now allow people without Shenzhen hukou to register for package tours going to Taiwan. Before, people needed to return to the place where their hukou was issued in order to apply for tours to Taiwan.

The new rules state that interested people traveling to Taiwan can directly apply for tours in Shenzhen together with any direct relatives, namely parents, spouses or children that are hukou holders or with colleagues in one company traveling on a packaged tour.

The new rules will now lead to an increase in the number of tourists that want to travel out of Shenzhen to Taiwan. However the new rule did not state as to whether travelers without Shenzhen hukou are required to go back to their place of registration to apply for a pass to Taiwan.

There are four travel agencies in Shenzhen that are qualified to organize tours to Taiwan and in April this year a total of 21,000 residents had already traveled to Taiwan. Packaged tours have traditionally been reserved for elderly people when going to Taiwan but nowadays  more younger people are attracted to island tours that are offered by travel agencies.

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