Shenzhen Makes Hukou Easier to Acquire – Removing the Need for a Degree

Graduates can now Apply for Permanent ResidencyThe city human resources and social security bureau said that college graduates holding an associate degree may now individually apply for permanent residency from the labor authorities. Students that graduated from universities in Shenzhen and students holding permanent residency can now enjoy the benefits of a hukou holder.

Previously, only students having four year university degrees could apply for hukou status in Shenzhen. The new ruling, which takes effect tomorrow, may attract higher level professionals to work in the city. With this new ruling, enterprises can now choose better employees by getting rid of all the unnecessary procedures.

Authorities can now cancel all restrictions that require permanent residency applicants to graduate from qualified universities, meaning that there is no threshold from universities if a student wants to obtain a hukou in Shenzhen.

Interested applicants must be between the ages of 18 to 48 and have a high school or vocational school education. Applicants must also have paid social insurance in the city and have no criminal record. Migrant workers can also apply for permanent residency if they have accumulated enough credit. Credits points are accumulated and calculated through the number of working years in Shenzhen, skill level, property ownership, educational background, insurance and tax payments.

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