Finally! A Cheap (read: free) Way to Get to the Beach and a Proper Western Bar with a Private Pool at XiChong (Photos)

Tired of not having an EASY and ECONOMICAL way to get to the beach?  With the beautiful Xi Chong beach only 90 minutes away BAREFOOT BAR at St Tropez Resort has a solution for you.  Take the FREE Beach Bus that runs every weekend.

Barefoot Bar is the area’s newest bar offering some of the best beach scenery in Southern China, great Western and Chinese food, ice cold beer, full range of cocktails, and music that lets you relax during the day and cut loose in the evenings.  We are the only resort on the beach boasting a PRIVATE swimming pool (spring mountain water, no chemicals) and terrace.  So spend your weekend swimming in the clear ocean water or floating in the private pool while enjoying all the conveniences of a proper western bar on the beach.

The Beach Bus runs every weekend (leaving and returning to Coco Park) and IT IS FREE! To book a seat on the bus and confirm departure times call 13684900652 (English) or 18098943664 (Chinese). Normal bus times (please call to confirm for this weekend) will be Friday at 7pm, Saturday at 10:30am, Sunday at 2pm leaving from Coco Park. Leaving Xi Chong around 1:00am on Friday and Saturday.

Saturday July 21st Barefoot Bar is hosing DANCE ON THE WATER soft opening party.  There will be drink specials, food specials, and a DJ.  The FREE Beach Bus will be leaving Coco Park at 4:00pm.  Book your seats early.

If arranging your own transportation, the hotel address is 深圳市龙岗区南澳街道西涌沙滩一号收费口月半湾度假村. please call 13684900652  (English) or 0755-8930-0335 (Chinese) for directions. Rooms can be booked by calling (booking ONLY) (Chinese) 755-84421992 or (English) 15889586543. For bar and party info as well as alternative accommodation options, please call 13684900652.

Barefoot Bar at St Tropez Resort, Xi Chong Beach, Gate #1

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