Snake Pit Presents Start-up Tuesday with Dave Weinstein

Snake Pit Presents Start-up Tuesday with Dave WeinsteinStartup Tuesday is proud to feature Dave Weinstein, a successful Silicon Vally technologist and entrepreneur, as our speaker for our Shenzhen relaunch. Dave has spent many years as a startup executive AND an investment banker focused on the high tech segment, much of it working in China, SEA and Australia.

Dave Weinstein has been living and working in Hong Kong since 2010 as a consultant since he left Gramercy Private Equity. He’s a regular visitor to Shenzhen and has helped Shenzhen based startups with business and funding advice. Prior to moving to Hong Kong, Mr. Weinstein served in multiple roles at both Gramercy Venture Advisors (GVA) and Gramercy Private Equity (GPE), including 2 years as GPE’s Managing Partner for China (based in Beijing). Prior to joining GPE Mr. Weinstein was VP of Business Development for Visto Corporation (now renamed Good Technology, www.good.com) of Redwood Shores, CA, a leading mobile messaging and synchronization software provider. Prior to Visto, Mr. Weinstein founded and was Chairman and VP of Product Marketing for netdrive.com, an innovative online storage provider. Visto Corporation acquired netdrive.com in 2000.

Mr. Weinstein has served in a number of executive positions at The Wollongong Group, Quarterdeck Office Systems, and Pittsburgh Powercomputing, which he founded in 1988 and sold to Quarterdeck in 1993.

Throughout his career he has been highly effective in combining a detailed understanding of technology trends with a well honed instinct for user behavior so as to place himself at the crossroads of technology and its commercial uptake.

Mr. Weinstein will be delivering a short presentation followed by an open format talk where he will field questions ranging from:

  • how to get started turning an idea into a new company
  • how to position your company and where to look for funding
  • strategies for product positioning and market entry
  • how to position your company for an exit

Feel free to come prepared with questions for Dave, or to just join in the conversation.

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