Police to Enforce Fireworks Ban During the Spring Festival

Police to Enforce Fireworks Ban During the Spring FestivalShenzhen police are firm on their decision on banning fireworks and punishing those illegally transporting or selling fireworks, around the city. Police will be setting up checkpoints to inspect vehicles even those plying private roads to see if they are carrying any fireworks.

Based on the rules, any organizations or individuals that transport, sell, store or set off fireworks illegally will be detained up to 15 days and will be fined 2,000 yuan. There is also the possibility that they might face criminal charges if the fireworks that they set off causes fire, damages, explosions or injuries. Those involved in the business in transporting fireworks illegally will be subjected to a 10,000 to 50,000 yuan fine.

Despite popular demand the police said that they are unlikely to designate an area for residents for setting off fireworks as this would still be in violation of the ban. Residents are supporting the ban stating that it will be good for the city and will keep the air clean as fireworks can cause heavy pollutions. Last year’s Spring Festival there were reports of four firework related accidents that cause damages and property loss of 5,000 yuan

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  1. Microstorm: I believe the location is “Zhong Xin Er Lu, Fu Tian Qu, Shenzhen – 深圳市, 福田区,中心二路”...
  2. Allen: Can you provide a map to accompany this article? I am curious to know where Zhongxin No. 2 Street in Fution is...
  3. second hand smoke sufferer: Ban smoking in public areas in Shenzhen? You have to be kidding! Millions more will die...
  4. Microstorm: Chinese Name: 圳阳迷你仓 Address (English/Pinyin): 3rd Gongye road ,Shekou,Nanshan District ,Shenzhen....
  5. Daniel: For the 90 yuan per CBM in Nanshan, can you tell me which company it is and how to contact them?