City to Increase Number of Rental Bikes

City to Increase Number of Rental BikesBy the end of this year the city is planning to increase the number of rental bikes by ten thousand, making it easier for residents to travel. These bikes are managed by different organizations under district government departments.

Nanshan and Longgang districts will introduced private companies to handle the operations of the bicycle rental systems and Futian and Luohu districts is establishing their government funded systems that is similar to Yantian district that piloted the system last year. the government introduced a series of standards to companies who wants to handle the bike rental system along with the plans to create a citywide public bicycle rental system to further assist residents in traveling or do leisure activities.

The city will also be building new cycling tracks within 500 meters of metro stations. Also the department plans to improve the city’s public transportation system to further alleviate the traffic congestion. Increasing parking fees is one of the measures created to improve the traffic system, but still is not the answer. The most important way to improve public transportation and encourage residents to choose public transport the city will be placing more buses and metro trains in operation along with the introduction of an advance intelligent transportation system.

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