474: The Festival

Entry Number:   474

Age Group:             Middle                                            Word Count – 632

Title:                       The Festival


When we got to the sports field, it was one of those days where the sunlight danced in the sky. The pink flowers were blossoming, and dew drops sparkled in the trees. The sports field was as crowded as a free concert, and there was a faint smell of honey in the air. I did not want to be there.

I had begged my parents not to make me go to the Chinese celebration because whenever I imagined it, all I pictured was  a dirty, old  basketball court full of tollbooths. When we arrived I felt like my insides were a black sky. I remember the first thing I saw was a shining table covered in red ribbons and golden chains, but the thing that caught my eye was the huge, pink box. The giant box contained a Limited Edition Princess Academy Barbie doll. The first thought that came to mind was my little sister Scarlett and how much she would love the doll. A thin ray of hope shot through the black sky insideme like a motorbike through a flaming hoop.

I started rapidly playing games to try and win the doll. I was here. I was there. I moved so fast you couldn’t see me. I was a lightning bolt. A game mad lightning bolt. I played a tongue twister game, a dodge ball game, a twister game, a basketball game and various other games. Suddenly, I stopped and realized… I was having a blast. The best experience was the whole experience really ,but I still had a pretty fun time at the game booths. The black sky had turned into a beautiful sky with those clouds that look like babies that you see in those romantic comedy movies.

I was about to play another game when everyone started putting stuff away and going over to the stage for the big show. The show was two glittering lions, who danced around on poles and jumping from one to the other. T’was quite impressive. One of the men in the red lion costume injured his ankle in a daring leap from the highest pole to the lowest pole. The other lions had to struggle up onto the pole to try and rescue him before a team of men all dressed in SIS school shirts shirts helped the lion down the pole and carried him away on a stretcher. Apparently, the man twisted his ankle really badly. Unfortunately, the show was halted for a while but the lions and men managed to continue. The lions started again standing up on the poles and jumping on each other. To be honest, the guy hurting himself created more anticipation than the entire show did. Every time one of the lions made an amazing, gravity defying leap you thought they were gonna break something! I remember for the grand finale the gold lion jumped on one pole, and another one, and another one then the red lion and finally landed on it’s feet on two poles. It was spectacular.

After the show, I raced back to the prize stand to buy the barbie for my sister with my winning tickets, but it was gone. The sky inside me began to darken again. I noticed a bubble wand in the basket so I decided to buy that for my sister instead. I gave it to her and her face, the sky inside me, and the day all lit up. I realized that not every Chinese celebration is so bad. I remembered how I didn’t want to go in the first place but ended up having an awesome time. Remember these wise words: don’t judge a book by it’s cover (…unless it’s a comic book and it gives away half the plot line in two sentences).


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  1. A simple story with great words…I love it.

  2. Awesome piece!

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  3. sherry lee: A simple story with great words…I love it.
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