Reader’s Choice Award – Vote this week!

The judges have shortlisted a collection of 16 papers that scored higher than the other entries. Online readers will be allowed to vote for the best paper. The winner will win a 2-Night Stay w/breakfast from Hilton Shekou. 

All votes will be tallied up and the Reader’s Choice Winner announced next Monday June 15th.

The following papers have been selected:

ID Title
901 Free at Last
321 How Does Place Impact Identity?
733 Rich or Poor?
539 Metamorphasis-A Change in the World
313 How A Hamburger Changed My Life
734 Language and Looks
932 Confessions of a World Traveler
322 How Moving Back to China Made Me See Things with Different Eyes
1203 Farside of Jupiter
1117 Kammilo
1147 Summer in the year 2014
1006 Twenty Years After
854 The Plane Crash
943 The Wilting Flower
431 Home Sweet Home
910 Culture Shock


Vote by clicking on this icon found on the right side of our home page (or click below now):

Only one vote per valid email address. Please do not create dummy email addresses for the purpose of voting as we will also look at the originating IP address. If multiple votes come from the same IP address – we may discard those votes.

The prize for the 2015 YWA Reader’s Choice Award is sponsored by Hilton Shekou.


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