More Residents Applying for Open Water Diving Certification

More Residents Applying for Open Water Diving CertificationA large numbers of Shenzhen residents are applying for open water diving certificates. Based on statistics given by Professional Association of Diver Instructor (PADI) there are six certified diving center in Shenzhen and the city already experienced an annual surge of around 50 percent in the number of residents that are receiving diving certificates locally. Shenzhen has already replaced most Asian countries such as Philippines, Thailand and Malaysia in becoming the most popular spot to learn to dive.

In 2002, regulated diving centers started showing up all over Shenzhen and diving equipment and coaches can just be found anywhere. The first diving center was launched in Jinshawan, and by 2007 the number of divers started to rise as different kinds of people are planning to learn to dive become more varied over the years. as the sport became popular most of those who want to learn are younger people.

In 2000 PADI open an office in Shenzhen and was the first official PADI office nationwide, PADI founded in the US is a diving certification system that issues the highest number of certificates globally. PADI opened its Shenzhen office due to the close proximity to Hong Kong, which has beautiful seashores and rich diving resources.

The six other certified diving centers emerged along with a dozen private diving studios. Both centers and studios are offering diving experiences for regular diving for certified divers and certification courses. Diving courses usually cost between 3,200 to 4,000 yuan the most expensive in Southeast Asia. The cost differs due to different business scales and modules, in certain countries a coach can take four divers, but in Shenzhen one coach is limited to two students at one time.

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