European Union to Allow Chinese Students to Stay Longer to Expand Higher Education

European Union to Allow Chinese Students to Stay Longer to Expand Higher EducationAn increasing amount of Chinese students are aiming to expand their higher education in the European Union will benefit from an extension of nine months of stay after their studies end. Based on the new rules agreed by the European government that is valid for all students and researchers coming from non-EU states are designed to attract skilled labor in all 28 member states that have a population of 500 million but is hindered by the aging problem.

A harmonized EU entry and residence rules that is approved by the European Parliament clarified and improved the conditions for non-EU interns, students and volunteers, but will only be placed into action within two years as a transition period to allow member states to adopt the national laws. As of the moment there are roughly 200,000 Chinese students studying for higher education in European countries and half of them are studying in the UK. Students are happy to hear about the new ruling as they could seek to earn another masters degree since the new rule allows them to stay longer after their graduation.

Currently UK operates strict rules for graduates coming from non-EU countries and Chinese students are allowed two to three months at most to stay after their studies end. Some Chinese students opted to apply for tourist visas to UK if they plan in attending their graduation ceremony. College professors in UK welcomes the changes in rules stating that it can help enlarge the talent pool in European countries. He hopes that the change is attractive to Chines students as several of them are interested in looking for work in the UK.

Based on the new rules students and researchers may stay for nine months after they are done with their studies or research in order to look for work or set up a business ensuring that Europe will benefit from their skills. This way they can move easily within the European Union during their stay and doesn’t need to file a new visa application but only required to notify the member state to where they are moving. Researchers can also move for longer periods that currently allowed and they also have the right to bring family members and these family members are allowed to work during their stay in the European Union. EU is slowly recognized the value of attracting skilled people to come and work and entice them to stay by offering a harmonized European system that is applicable in all member states.

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