Chinese Virtual Reality Hardware Manufacturer Provides Perspective in Building a Domestic VR Platform

Chinese Virtual Reality Hadware Manufacturer Provides Perpective in Building a Domestic VR PlatformDeePoon a Chinese virtual reality hardware manufacturer is having a strategic press announcement, which shows its blueprint in building a domestic VR development platform for industry developers and content providers. Three major perspectives in the company’s future development outlook of the VR ecosystem namely Creating, Powered and Winning with Dee Poon are unveiled during the event. The company is also introducing two wireless solutions for its all in one Head Mounted Displays or HMDs that will allow the device to utilize lasers are the core to track and position a user’s activity using the VR gadgets.

These technologies are jointly invented by DeePoon and partner G-Wearables both the world’s first in wireless position tracking system. There are more than ten domestic VR games that are designed for the all in one headset which were also unveiled in the event. The company eventually announced the plans to create a contest between China VR developers and their British counterparts in bilateral gamers meet up event that is expected to start in Cambridge University this summer. Based on a report of an American consulting company International Data Corporation or IDC, the three major devices categories in the augmented and virtual reality markets thus including screenless viewers that use the screen of smartphones to drive its AR/VR experience. a tether headset display that utilizes a computing device such as game consoles, PC or even smartphones.

There are dozens of the country’s VR enterprises and startups that are attending this week at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show Asia that will held in Shanghai which showcases the latest in VR technology and running on a new content to run. Shipments of VR hardware worldwide have skyrocketed in 2016 by having a total volume that reached 9.6 billion units. In March, DeePoon worked with Samsung and Arm in launching an all in one VR HMD and became one of the maker players in the VR sector.

Now a community of companies large and small is working hard in improving VR and making it a part of people’s daily lives, as the Chinese VR market is worth 1.54 billion yuan for 2015 and is said to go as high as 5 billlion yuan in 2016.

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